Purchasing & Returns

Q: I like one of the products that you sell. Can I purchase directly from you?

A: We are a wholesale company and do not sell directly to the end consumer. We recommend that you search online for the product to locate a retail site that carries the product you’re interested in.

Q: Where can I see the item in person?

A: Our main showroom is located in Las Vegas, NV. To make a showroom appointment please contact us at 908-888-0818 or info@manhattancomfort.com

A: Several vendors are carrying our products on the showroom floor.

Q: How do I know if an item is in stock or discontinued?

A: Feel free to email us at info@manhattancomfort.com to request information on a specific product.  If you have an account with us, you will be emailed inventory daily.

Q: Do you have a delivery service?

A: Yes.  We offer a drop-ship program and offer delivery on Manhattan Comfort account or your own account if that is preferred.

Q: What is your return policy?

A:  We offer a 30-day return policy for items that are unopened and in their original packaging.  Additionally, we offer a 90 Day Limited Distributor Warranty.

Improper assembly or shipping damages cannot be returned. Shipping claims should be placed immediately to the transportation company.

Q: Where can I find the dimensions of a product?

A: On our homepage, Manhattancomfort.com, within the collections tab, you choose item within a list of products and see the dimensions.


Go to support.manhattancomfort.com and use the search tool to look up a specific product.

Q:  What is Pro-Touch?

A: Pro-Touch is a patented, eco-friendly, ultra-resistant finish. The Pro-Touch UV painting uses high definition printing to reveal the look of natural texture wood grain.

Assembly & Care

Q: Do your products come with hardware to mount the TV? Can I use my own mount?

A: Yes, all hardware comes with the product to be used to mount the TV to the panel. You may use your own mount, though we cannot guarantee that it will be compatible with the product we sell.

Q: All of your panels are recommended to be mounted on concrete or brick, can I mount the panel on my dry wall or sheet rock?

A: Yes, though we recommend that you purchase toggle bolts from the hardware store to provide additional support for the product hanging on the wall.

Q: I misplaced my manual. How can I view instructions?

A:  If the item(s) you purchased require assembly, detailed instructions should have been included in the carton. If they were missing or you have misplaced them, all manuals and instructions are online at support.manhattancomfort.com.

Q: How can I order replacement parts?

A: Sometimes the parts can be overlooked as they are packed securely to ensure that other parts are not compromised/damaged in transit.  If the parts are truly missing, please email us at help@manhattancomfort.com. Send a copy of the invoice with images that reflect the damages.  Any damages due to misassembly will not be reimbursed. Reference the manual to identify which part is missing and be sure to include that information in the body of the email.

Q: Are shelves adjustable?

A: The units that have adjustable shelves are from: Greenwich, Chelsea, and the Fortress Garage Collections.

Q: Does the Carpina Ladder Bookcase need to be against a wall?

A: Yes. The Carpina Ladder Bookcase is designed to be on an incline, and needs to rest against a wall for support and stability.

Q: How can I remove the numbers stamped on the boards of my product?

A: These stamps indicate the part numbers and they can be removed by wiping with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.

Q: How should I clean and care for my Manhattan Comfort furniture?

A: Dust with a soft clean cloth slightly moistened with water, then dry completely with a dry clean cloth. Always rub in the direction of the wood grain.

Manhattan Comfort finishes are naturally resistant to minor everyday use. For best results, clean spills immediately, keep cigarettes, hot dishes and moisture and harsh solvents from furniture.

Q: Is there a way to touch up the finish on my furniture?

A: Touch up crayons and markers are available at local hardware and home improvement stores in a variety of color packs. These types of crayons and markers that are made especially for furniture work well in touching up most flaws.


Q: What is the warranty on Manhattan Comfort products?

A: All Manhattan Comfort furniture products are warranted, to the original purchaser at the time of purchase and for a period of 30 days thereafter.

Our warranty is limited to new products purchased in factory sealed cartons. This warranty is valid in the United States of America.

In order to provide you with timely assistance, please thoroughly inspect your furniture for missing or defective parts immediately after opening the carton.

Manhattan Comfort offers a 30-day parts replacement warranty on all items.

Our furniture products are not intended for outdoor use.

The warranty does not cover:

- Defects/damages by improper assembly or disassembly;

- Defects/damages caused by shipping, claims for damage during transit should be placed immediately to the transportation company.

- Defects/damages caused by inappropriate use of the furniture.

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